Pretty In Pink

We are asking the girls, parents, and coaches to be creative and have fun with this contest! The teams and coaches are being asked to show their support for breast cancer awareness by wearing as much pink as possible. Of course the parents and families should wear pink as well, but they will not be eligible for the contest.

The girls should have fun with this and here are some ideas of what they CAN wear: hair ties (no metal), hair ribbons, socks, shoelaces, undershirts, warm-up shirts, t-shirts, sweatbands, headbands, knee pads, elbow sleeves, mouth guards, towels, and water bottles… just to name a few!

“Pretty in Pink” trophies will be awarded to the teams that best represent the event. The contest will be run by our volunteers

TFH Pretty In Pink shoes
TFH Pretty in Pink Fans TFH Pretty in Pink Smiles got hope

2015 Pretty in Pink Winner

Gtown Most Wanted 2015 Pretty in Pink Winners!

Gtown Most Wanted 2015 Winners!

2014 Pretty in Pink Winner

TNBA - 8th Grade Gold Division

TNBA - 8th Grade Gold Division Pretty in Pink Winners!

2014 Pretty in Pink Winner

Texas Wildcats

Texas Wildcats won the Pretty in Pink for the Varsity Silver Division!