Tournament Rules

  1. All teams are guaranteed a minimum number of games promised during registration process. When possible, teams will be ability-grouped after pool play and brackets will be played out.
  2. Regulation High School Activities Association rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
    • All games will be 20 minute running clock halves, except for the last 2 minutes of each, unless a team is ahead by more than 20 points. In addition, the clock will stop on all technical fouls. Clock will not restart until it would in a normal dead ball situation.
    • All girls divisions will use an intermediate or 28.5 size ball.
    • There will be a 3-minute half time and 5 minute pre-game warm-up.
    • Game time is forfeit time, although teams may start the game with 4 players.
    • Jerseys only need to have numbers on the back with no number restrictions.
    • Each team will begin with (4) Full time-outs per game, no 20-second time-outs.
  3. No locker rooms, balls & etc will be provided by the schools. Home team will provide the game ball, although the designated officials will have final determi-nation of the ball to be used.
  4. A team award will be given to the Champion in each age/gender group. Individual awards for players in each age group who's teams finish in first, second, and third place.
  5. Players may play on only (1) team within a tournament age/gender group. Player's eligibility will be checked by a current grade card, if requested. Players may play "up" in an older age group. This could mean a player plays in the 5th grade tournament and in the 6th grade tournament. But they cannot play on two teams in the same 6th grade tournament.
  6. All games will be officiated by high school certified officials within the A.B.O.A organization.
  7. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated! A referee may remove players from the game or tournament for inappropriate behavior. We are here for the kids. Do not allow or condone poor sportsmanship. This includes coaches and parents!!!
  8. Referee may stop clock within reason. Intentionally wasting time to shorten the game can be punished by a technical foul. This does not mean a team cannot use a delay offense at anytime they choose.
  9. Each tournament site will be supervised by a Wildcats Gym or Staff Director. Please direct all questions, comments, or concerns to this individual.
  10. No food or drinks are allowed in tournament facilities, unless noted otherwise.
  11. If the tournament is a "Round Robin" or "Pool Play", tiebreaker procedure is as follows. First criteria is head to head competition. If a three-way tie exists, a point differential system will go in effect at the director²s discretion. Margin of victory up to a 15-point max per game will be used to determine final placing in "Round Robin" or seeding in "Play-off Brackets".
  12. Overtimes will be 2 minutes in length with regular clock operation. The clock stops on all dead balls. Coaches will be given one additional time-out for each in overtime.
  13. The roster you list in your scorebook for the first game of each tournament is your roster for the weekend. Make sure to include on this list any player who for any reason is not playing the first game, but intends to play following games.
  14. Each team needs to provide a clock operator or score keeper for each game.